Artificial Grass Design & Installation in Rock Hill, South Carolina

You’ve probably seen artificial grass here and there, but have never personally used it in your own yard in Rock Hill, SC. Although some people might think that getting synthetic grass is a step too far, there are many benefits to be gained from doing so.

SYNLawn South Carolina’s goal is to help make your life easier by lessening the burdens associated with traditional landscaping and yard work in South Carolina, while realizing many additional advantages. We serve multiple cities and counties in South Carolina, including Rock Hill, providing the most eco-friendly and hassle-free options.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is very popular in South Carolina, there are several benefits to installing artificial turf products which will now explore.

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Water Savings

If you’re a Rock Hill resident with a lot of land to care for, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars a month on water. That’s especially the case if you’re running sprinklers frequently. Due to its synthetic nature, artificial grass does not require much in the way of work at all, saving you money on water.

Eco Benefits

In order to keep a lawn healthy, you sometimes need to spread pesticides and other chemicals on it to ward off insects and diseases. If your property is prone to weeds, you can mistakenly oversaturate the grass with chemicals that kill more than just weeds.

The downside to many pesticides and herbicides is that they can be toxic to things they aren’t specifically meant to target. What’s amazing about grass is that it requires no pesticides or chemicals to stay healthy. 

People with a lot of land often use machines like riding lawn mowers to maintain it. While riding lawn mowers can save time, they can also let off a great deal of pollutants and gas emissions. And while push-type grass mowers aren’t as bad, they still give off emissions. Because artificial grass never needs trimming, these tools aren’t needed to take care of it.

Additionally, getting commercial artificial grass is environmentally friendly because no grass clippings are created, which are often taken to landfills to collect as waste. By reducing grass clippings, less space is needed for landfills. 

Time and Money Savings

How much time do you spend mowing, watering, or otherwise maintaining your lawn? It’s probably not a lot of fun to be out in the scorching sun during hot and humid summer months to tend to your yard.

An excellent quality of artificial grass is that it eliminates the need for you to cut, spray, or generally take care of it. It stays the same length and stays green all year round. Whatever time you spend tending to your grass can go to much better, or fun, use.

Artificial Grass Uses

From golf courses, to soccer fields, to dog runs, there are many uses of synthetic grass. View our product gallery to see artificial grass in action.


Artificial lawns require zero maintenance and always look presentable for anyone looking at it. Another amazing quality of artificial grass is that if you use it on a patio or deck, it causes environmental cooling since the artificial grass reflects less heat into the air than regular deck or patio materials.

Putting Greens

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and money to maintain golf greens. They’re not only expensive pieces of land, they always need to look appealing enough to play on and require extensive maintenance.

Synthetic grass is built to be the optimal height, and it stays the same color regardless of care and weather. You get the perfect grass for a backyard putting green right out of the gate.

Pet & Dog Turf

To a homeowner, nothing’s more frustrating than maintaining a lawn while also caring for a pet. Dogs can dig up a yard or leave dry brown patches where they’ve relieved themselves. That’s why synthetic grass makes great pet grass.

Synthetic grass can stand up to your dog’s waste, staying green despite whatever they leave in the grass. It’s also comfortable for dogs to play or sleep on. They don’t care whether the grass is natural or not, as long as they can enjoy themselves on it and have fun.

If your dog likes to dig, synthetic pet grass can withstand that as well. Getting fake grass for dogs can also save you the expense of installing wire under your fence to prevent your dog from ever digging out of your yard and escaping.

Getting fake grass for dogs also means they won’t play on grass saturated with chemicals. Because many pesticides and herbicides can affect more than their intended target, this is safer for dogs.

The only maintenance dog grass requires is occasional hosing. Artificial grass drains dog urine into the ground, but cannot absorb feces (although our synthetic grass is both odor resistant and antimicrobial). Therefore, you’ll need to clean up solid waste as you would on natural grass, and then hose the area down with water.

Playground Turf

Playgrounds look nice enough on their own. However, they look even better when the grass is evenly cut and lushly green. 

Putting artificial grass on playgrounds keeps kids safe from pesticides and chemicals. Kids like to roll and play in grass just like dogs, so artificial grass gives parents peace of mind while their children play as long as they like.

Commercial Applications

Artificial grass ticks off multiple boxes for commercial use. It not only makes the property look nicer, but the business does not have to factor lawn care into their budgets. Learn more about our artificial grass designed for commercial use.

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SYNLawn South Carolina knows that lawn care is expensive and time-consuming. With artificial grass, you, your children, and pets can play without risk, and you can spend time on the lawn just enjoying yourself without all the extra stress and hassle.

Go ahead and give SYNLawn South Carolina a call or email to learn more about artificial grass benefits in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Artificial Grass Reviews in South Carolina

Lisa M.

Surfside Beach, SC

Turf installation at our beach home. Two large dogs with a small side yard creates challenges for potty time and maintaining your yard. They were able to solve this concern with turf installation that provides a safe area for our furbabies and a beautiful physical appearance as well. The installation was professionally handled and we are loving our new area!

Chris H.

Monroe, NC

I had a small fenced in area off our patio that our dogs used. Southeast Turf installed artificial grass and it looks great. The team showed up on time and did a great job. They are booked out for a few months because they are in high demand. We love our new dog area. No more dirty dog feet, no more digging and no more smell!!

Sandra M.

Fort Mill, SC

We can’t say enough about the great service and products from Southeast Turf! From the first meeting to the installation, they were great to deal with. Not to mention how awesome my yard looks. I think several of my neighbors are going to have it done as well because they too were impressed! Thank you!!

Serving South Carolina Locations

Since our turf is made with post-consumer materials, Southeast Turf LLC/SYNLawn Carolina takes great pride in providing eco-friendly products to uphold our philosophy of ethical business practices. We use natural soybean oil and recycled materials to do our part in preserving the environment. Your turf is backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and can even be recycled once it has served its purpose. The quality of our grass is a testament to the high standards we have for customer service. Our goal is offer you the peace of mind that comes with having a beautiful, sustainable lawn year-round.

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