Artificial Lawns in Charleston, South Carolina

At SYNLawn South Carolina, our team offers top-of-the-line artificial lawns for homes in Charleston, SC. We have a variety of synthetic grass options to choose from, allowing our customers to gain the lawn of their dreams that is even tailored to their unique needs. So whether you need a synthetic lawn for your home, apartment complex, or other kind of property, we have the turf you are looking for in South Carolina.

Low Maintenance Lawns

First and foremost, artificial lawns from SYNLawn South Carolina are low maintenance. With Charleston’s warm and humid climate, traditional grass lawns require near-constant watering, mowing, and fertilizing. This can be time-consuming and costly, especially during the hot summer months. Thankfully, with an artificial grass lawn, you do not have to worry about any of that! Our high-quality synthetic turf is designed to withstand the elements and stay green all year round without any watering, mowing, or fertilizing required.

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Durable Grass Surfaces

Another great benefit of our artificial grass for residential lawns is their durability. In Charleston, conventional grass lawns can be susceptible to damage from inclement weather conditions like heavy rainfall. This can leave your lawn looking brown and patchy, requiring expensive repairs. With our synthetic turf, you do not have to worry about any of that. This is because our synthetic lawns are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, so you can enjoy a beautiful and lush lawn year after year.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Synthetic lawns are also great for the environment! With conventional grass lawns, there is often a lot of water waste from over-watering, as well as pollution from fertilizers and pesticides. This can have a negative impact on the local environment and water supply in Charleston and other South Carolina communities. With our artificial grass for your residential lawn, you do not have to worry about any of that! Our synthetic turf is made from eco-friendly materials that require no water or harmful chemicals, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for your lawn, landscaping, or even for a putting green

Ideal for Pets

In addition to being low maintenance, durable, and eco-friendly, artificial lawns from us at SYNLawn South Carolina also offer a number of other benefits. For one, they are pet-friendly. Unlike traditional grass lawns, which can be easily damaged by pets, our artificial dog and pet turf is designed to withstand heavy use and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. This makes it a great option for pet owners who want to give their furry friends a safer and more comfortable place to play.

Beneficial for Families

We also offer artificial lawns that are great for families with young children. With conventional grass lawns, there is always the risk of children getting muddy or dirty while playing outside. With our artificial grass, this is not a concern. Our artificial lawns are designed to be soft and comfortable, making them a great option for families with young children who want to play outside without getting dirty. Best of all, families who want extra safety features for their children can take advantage of our artificial playground turf, which is equipped with extra padding for children to play on. 

Artificial grass backyard with swingset
Artificial grass backyard pool area


Finally, at SYNLawn South Carolina, our artificial lawns are a great investment for homeowners. This is primarily due to the long-term savings on maintenance and water costs that make it a highly cost-effective option in the long run. Additionally, the durability of our synthetic turf means that you will not have to replace your lawn as often as you would with conventional grass, further increasing the cost savings over time for our artificial lawns and artificial backyard lawns.

Commercial Artificial Lawns

Commercial properties in Charleston and other South Carolina communities can also benefit from our incredible artificial lawns. Many businesses require durable and appealing grass surfaces. And since our commercial artificial lawns have few maintenance requirements, businesses who choose to have our synthetic turf installed can save money over time, making our lawns a highly cost-effective investment! 

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At SYNLawn South Carolina, we are committed to providing our customers in Charleston, SC with high-quality artificial lawns. Our synthetic grass is designed to be durable, low maintenance, eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and more, making it a great option for any home or business owner in South Carolina looking for a beautiful and sustainable lawn.

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Artificial Grass Reviews in South Carolina

Lisa M.

Surfside Beach, SC

Turf installation at our beach home. Two large dogs with a small side yard creates challenges for potty time and maintaining your yard. They were able to solve this concern with turf installation that provides a safe area for our furbabies and a beautiful physical appearance as well. The installation was professionally handled and we are loving our new area!

Chris H.

Monroe, NC

I had a small fenced in area off our patio that our dogs used. Southeast Turf installed artificial grass and it looks great. The team showed up on time and did a great job. They are booked out for a few months because they are in high demand. We love our new dog area. No more dirty dog feet, no more digging and no more smell!!

Sandra M.

Fort Mill, SC

We can’t say enough about the great service and products from Southeast Turf! From the first meeting to the installation, they were great to deal with. Not to mention how awesome my yard looks. I think several of my neighbors are going to have it done as well because they too were impressed! Thank you!!

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