Artificial Green Walls

VistaGreen® Artificial Green Walls

Indoor and outdoor synthetic plant wall installations in South Carolina

VistaGreen® by Southeast Turf LLC/SYNLawn Carolina is the most popular options to create an artificial “living wall” for your business. VistaGreen® features customizable, lifelike plant panels to create the illusion of a wall made entirely of plants. The plus side is there is virtually no maintenance necessary! The panel system allows for each section to blend seamlessly with the next, both in organic design and physical installation. It can also be installed both indoors and outdoors throughout South Carolina. Your design possibilities are nearly endless!

VistaGreen® was designed to complement any space in any industry – instantly! Living walls add a pop of color and an element of nature to your waiting room, lobby or restaurant. SYNLawn’s artificial living walls are easy to install, maintenance free and feature top-rated fire protection.

Artificial Green Walls

We are excited to be able to offer customized living walls to South Carolina businesses. Instantly achieve a modern focal point that guests and customers will love. A green makeover can breathe life into any interior, utilize under-used space and add a unique element to help your business stand out.

Artificial living wall installations are not only affordable, but eliminate the need for maintenance. Living walls with real plants are expensive to install and difficult to care for. To see our VistaGreen system for yourself, contact our team for samples!


Endless Design Possibilities

Designed by horticulturist Paul Alder, VistaGreen® panels are extremely realistic in appearance and mimic the natural movement of real plants. Before installation, the paneled system is laid out by hand and assembled to ensure we achieve the most authentic appearance. Color box accessories allow you add more variety into your business and bring a unique look to the wall.

VistaGreen® is the ideal solution for a variety of applications and businesses in South Carolina cities:

  • Condominiums
  • Accent Walls
  • European Spas
  • Wedding Venues
  • Privacy Screens
  • Pool Sides
  • Terraces
  • Grand Entryways

Experience the VistaGreen® Difference

SYNLawn Carolina is excited to transform your space into something unique and eye-catching. A living wall offers both aesthetics and function, so it’s no wonder why they are so popular throughout the Charleston and the surrounding areas. Learn more about the VistaGreen® possibilities today. Contact us to schedule a design consultation!

  • Realistic plant colors, shading and movement
  • Certified UV-safe
  • Fire rated to industrial standards
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 specifications
  • Ongoing product development
  • Award-winning horticultural designer
  • Patent pending system creates seamless look
  • Customizable with range of color boxes
  • Internationally tried and tested product
  • Enjoy your green wall within hours, not years!